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Arcadia Inc. "Silhouette Quiz" is a silhouette application with voice."Animal Silhouette JP" has the following features:*There are 2 columns on the screen, the one on the left lists silhouette, the one on the right shows the selectable animal illustrations.*Solving the silhouette, either by connecting the silhouette and the illustration with a line or by tapping on the correct illustration.*If the answer is correct, a "Correct" sound effect will be played and the name of the animal will be pronounced.*If the answer is not correct, a "Wrong" sound effect will be played.*For Level 1, there is only one animal silhouette. By raising the level, more animal silhouettes will be displayed, and more difficult it will get.By playing with Silhouette Quiz, not only for fun, but also being able to learn the animal’s name, shape and color. There is no doubt that it is also a Japanese learning application that could be used anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for learning multiple languages naturally for people of any age. Besides "Animal" silhouette, there are "Fruits and Vegetables", and "Daily Necessities" silhouette. Each variation has English, Japanese and Chinese versions respectively and the voices associated with the silhouette are all from native speaker. Please check them out and experience the new life style with your phone.

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