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Driving or in a Meeting and cannot take a call? Still want the other person to know about your status or want to send a message to let them know that you are busy and will call back as soon as you get time? Auto Responder does exactly this for you. While you are running AutoResponder, the incoming calls will automatically be disconnected and based on your preferences a message is sent out to the caller.You can set a customized message to be sent out to your callers when you are running AutoResponder. You can either select only your contacts to or customize the way you want to.You can also set the approximate time in seconds before the call is actually disconnected and the message is sent out to the caller.AutoResponder also keeps track of the people/numbers that called in when AutoResponder was running and gives a visula indication about, if the message was sent or not sent to the caller.Green means message was sent out Red says you did not prefer to send the message to the caller.Lots of enhancements coming to this app.Your feed back is very important so please do write back to me and i shall try to be as prompt as possible in my replies.

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