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Cloudacl WebFilter is a cloud based web content filtering application for default browser on android phone and amazon kindle fire.Cloudacl WebFilter monitoring serval million websites and billion of web pages to keep you family especially your kids have a safer internet surfing environment.Note: Cloudacl WebFilter only works for android 2.1.x-2.3.x, for other verisons, for android tablet users please use Cloudacl safe browser to do content filtering. Note: If you want a better filtering result, we recommend to use as your default search engine.Cloudacl WebFilter can be used as the following products:===- Anti Porn, Anti Adult content website- Anti Abused Drugs including Marijuana- Anti online game to block the popular game related website- Anti Violation, gambling or gun related website or forums- Anti social networking to block popular website like and Anti spyware and virus web site- Anti anonymous proxy web site to bypass firewall or parental control software- Anti spam web site used to sending most of the spam email in the internetThe following Nine security categories are supported in the blocking setup.====1. Sites hosting spyware, virus, fishing & frauds2. Adult sites including adult content, sex, nudity3. Sites related abused drugs & Marijuana4. Bandwidth consuming sites peer2peer, online storage5. Sites including weapon, gambling, questionable6. Online gaming sites7. Online sites used as proxy server8. Sites used for spamming9. Social-networking, dating and media streamingSetup admin or parent password:==0. open Cloudacl WebFilter application1. click the "Setup Admin Password" button 2. Input your email and password, then click Ok button4. doneIn admin mode, you can configure the categories and sites you want to block, in normal/user (restricted) mode, you can only browse sites allowed.When you visit a new website which Cloudacl WebFilter do not know, it will contact Cloudacl cloud service for its content category which addressed in our privacy policy as blow: more information, pleas refer to our support website: you have any question, please contact us at [email protected]

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