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AddedOct 9th, 2012
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Copy Text from anywhere to create your quick Note. Copi Note is a handy tools for you to capture the screenshot of the web page, download the internet file via Url or translate the text which copied from any other APPs. To create a note you can simply copy text or url from the email, webpage or document then the program will based on input text to create a note and retrieve related information for you.Features List :1. Auto shorten Url ( Auto download internet file3. Create completed screenshot of web page4. Language detection and text translation5. Text translation notificationFAQ :*What is [Text Translation Notification] function ?When you enabled [Auto Translate Copied Text] function in the preference screen, all copied text will be translated automatically and show result as notification message. You can click on message to copy the translated text.*How to create a Note ?Simply copy text/url from other apps or manually add note via "Add Note" function in Copi Note.*Why web page screenshot cannot be retrieved ?Due to the differences of website structure(Mobile/Desktop), firewall of network and restriction of internet connection so screenshot image not always can be created, but you can always refresh the note and download screenshot via Copi Note program.*Why translation service has text length limitation ?Copi Note not a full feature translation tools so it translation service allow up to 128 characters only.*Where can I found Copi Note file download folder and web page screenshot folder ?Download folder using android default setting, it usually located at /mnt/sdcard/Download directory as for the web page screenshot were stored at /mnt/sdcard/copy/cache directory.

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