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AddedOct 10th, 2012
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This application lets you follow anyone with the same application; as long as you have their phone number and they have activated the “allow to be followed” option. It is very useful for:1. When you need to pick up someone by car; if you’re waiting, it’s useful to know when to leave the building, if your ride is late because they stopped at the market, if they’re stuck in traffic, or if they haven’t even left home yet because they have visitors.2. Knowing your children are attending school and not getting into trouble.3. Finding your friends during a big event, or on a long trip.4. Analysing the route you take to a certain place and comparing it with different routes to see which one is the most efficient.5. Lots of other cool things too!== MOTIVATION AND EXAMPLE OF USE ==I developed this application to solve a personal problem I was having: whenever I went to pick my wife up from work, she never knew if I was still at home, at work, if I was on my way, if I was just arriving or if I’d already arrived. This was because I don’t answer my phone when I’m driving, and she has to leave her mobile switched off when she’s at work. People tried using Google Latitude and other applications, but they didn’t work. Google Latitude has delays of up to 15 minutes when updating positions (and my journey is 15 minutes) and other applications that promised this function didn’t work properly, or were missing an important function. == LICENCE ==All licences are required, except for saving it on your SD card. I asked for this licence so that in the future I can launch a version that exports paths for Google Earth’s KML format.== PRIVACY ==Be aware that after installing the application you can be followed by anyone who has this application. However, you can turn “invisible” by unselecting the “allow to be followed” option on the main screen. – Future versions will have options for friend lists, blocking people etc. Whenever you’re being followed, you will be informed via a message with the name of the person following you.== REQUIREMENTS ==- An Android mobile (so you can follow others) and at least one acquaintance, friend or relative with an Android mobile so they can be followed (and can also follow you). – Internet. This application transfers your position in real time through an Internet connection. – To send and receive SMS. The mechanism for “activating” a following session is performed by sending a SMS from one mobile directly to another. It’s important to emphasize that you will be charged by your operator for each SMS you send. Bear this in mind and find out more about SMS packages and plans from your operator, so you can save money every time you follow someone.

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