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In today’s globalized world, knowing a language is an amazing asset. It not only enriches your travelling experience, but also opens up a wide range of opportunities to study or work abroad. We all know it’s a good idea to start learning a language.

eLearning developers from all over the world offer a variety of mobile apps suitable for different types of learners. Among the most popular language learning apps, there are a few that will definitely help you pick up a new language quickly without devoting too much time to studying.

Trying to learn languages with the help of an app, you’ll more likely find out that it’s better to use a couple of apps in parallel, as this gives you a chance to take advantage of different learning approaches.

The FunEasyLearn app definitely deserves a place among the top mobile language learning solutions available on the market. It’s the only app that provides access to 34 language courses that can be learned from 61 mother tongues.  The developers of the FunEasyLearn app claim that 95% of the world population can learn a language with the help of their app.

The app stands out by being the biggest and amplest vocabulary builder ever. It gives access to alphabets with reading rules, 6,000 words and 5,000 phrases.

The app offers FREE access to 500 words and 350 sentences.

FunEasyLearn uses a game-based approach. These app features will not only make your learning seem effortless, but will also inspire you to develop your language skills faster:

  • 30 Learning Games – effective & easy to follow;
    10 Difficulty Levels – from Beginner to Expert;
    Detailed Stats – analyzes your progress and offers feedback;
    Handy Search – searches words and phrases in the foreign language, as well as in the mother tongue;
    Hidden words/phrases – allows you to hide what you already know or don’t want to learn;
    Battery – counts the level of “forgetting” a word or sentence;
    Smart Review Manager – reminds you to revise the words and sentences you will soon forget.

The contents of the app will also impress you:

  • Accurate translations;
  • 11,000 hand-drawn illustrations;
  • 300,000 pronunciations recorded by native speakers.

FunEasyLearn offers two ways to subscribe:

  • Free subscription bought with internal currency (20k flowers);
  • Premium subscription with localized prices for every country;

Download the app on Play Market and learn 34 languages on Android.

The cream of the crop?

The FunEasyLearn app is great for children. You can use the app to teach your kids a foreign language, as well as their mother tongue.

You will have to devote just 5 minutes a day if you want to enrich your vocabulary. You can do this with no internet connection since the app works offline.

Overall, this is a great app that will speed up your language learning process.

You can also get a discount for it here:
*Please note that the link must be opened from a mobile device.


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