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GAMES FOR KIDS is an app designed especially for children. It includes a total of five entertaining and educational games, specially designed to stimulate children’s logical thinking, memory and language. Beautiful pictures, clear voice instructions and challenging games make this an app that will last for hours!FIVE DIFFERENT GAMESThe game offers different contents and challenges:Guess the Sound: click on the right object that makes the sound!Odd One Out: which object does not belong with the others?Sorting: drag the object to the right category!Memory: try to find all the pairs!Parade: can you see what is missing in the pattern?SIMPLE TO USEA simple design and clear voice instructions allow children to use the app by themselves!FORMAT THE APP THE WAY YOU WANT ITAs a parent, you can choose how many points are required to complete a game, if voice instructions should be activated, switch the child lock on and off, choose the font, decide if only capital letters should be used, and more. Create the app that suits you best!AN APP FOR BOTH OLDER AND YOUNGER CHILDRENAll games have three levels of difficulty, with different words and objects for each level. The app is suitable for both young children and those a little older.EDUCATIONAL REWARDSWhen you complete a game you are rewarded with praise and a small, secret bonus game… Something that makes the game more fun and stimulates learning!LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGEMultiple languages included: English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. Try playing in another language and practice your language skills. Guess the Sound is especially suited for children who want to improve their vocabulary in other languages.LOTS OF PICTURES AND SOUNDSThe game includes over 100 different objects presented with both pictures and sounds. Play again and again without tiring, as you learn new words!

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