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*********************************** Just One Day*** Free for a limited time*** ********************************The best restaurant simulation.Have you ever thought of owning a fast food restaurant? Here you will experience operating a fast-food restaurants completely of your own, challenge your reaction and speed to meet the different requirements of different customers and food which includes dozens of different burgers, beverages, fries and ice cream and more. At the beginning of each food preparation you will be given a few seconds to prepare the food, then customers will continuously come in and the speed will become faster and faster. Customers have four expressions, very happy, normal mood, unhappy and angry. If the speed of food preparation is slow then customers will feel terrible, the biggest secret to make money depends on efficiency service and customer satisfaction, prepare food faster will generate higher revenue and also tips. You can use to the revenue to upgrade a variety of items and buy new products. Constant surprises, challenge faster speed of food preparation. Preparation of three layers Hamburger to eight layers burgers and drinks as well as french fries and other foods to the customers. From simple to complex, infinite happiness, compete with friends to see who has the highest score faster and speed of reactions . A wide range of scenes, challenging and cute game to see who can perfectly earn their customers money into their own pockets, what are you waiting for, come join in the challenge.Constant surprises, so what are you waiting for, come join the fast-food production business and enjoy the fun!Challenge the Hamburger making, test your speed and passion to see who is the final big winner! !Surprise! Why not challenge the speed limit! Surprises waiting for you to discover! !

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