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AddedApr 21st, 2013
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Th? lo?i: Truy?n tranh, võ hi?p, hài h??cM?t chàng trai ??n t? ?ao Gi?i, n?i ch? có luy?n ?ao Pháp. Do m?t l?n tình c? + duyên ph?n c?u ???c linh h?n c?a m?t ??i ca bên Ki?m Gi?i. Do linh h?n này t?ng là boss và nh?n th?y c?u bé có khi?u v? ki?m nên ?ã truy?n d?y và cùng nhau phiêu l?u ??n Ki?m Gi?i.Category: Comics, martial arts, comedyA guy from circles where only practicing religion. As a predestined time + chance to save the soul of a song on Search About. Because this was a boss soul and found he had a gift for teaching and for should have adventures together to Make World.

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