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Now with Christmas sketchesWelcome to the magnificent world of MonstersQuartet – those cute creatures that enjoy to play, draw and have fun with their friends. Meet Choky, Charly, Hrelyo and Jovani who will love to learn and play with you!Choky is cute and curious, the girly-girly part of the company. Charly is great skeptic, always has doubts and asks stupid questions… or not so stupid on the other hand. Hrelyo… what can we say about him. The funniest one, always gets himself into ridiculous situations that make others laugh. And last but not least – Jovani! The master of… everything! If you don’t know something ask him! He knows everything! He makes everything better! He’s their supreme teacher, but all four can not exist without each other! They are the great MonstersQuartet!The friendly monsters love to play together. One day they decided to learn how to draw. The smartest Jovani prepared sketches of all the fun things they are doing with their friends and gave them a task to color them. The other monsters were little scared. They have never colored pictures before. Would they manage it? Suddenly Choky had an idea – maybe if they invite someone to help them it will not be so scary.Can you help them color the sketches and learn how to draw?Have fun with all the tools, placed in your toolbox and draw the funny situations of the four cute monsters! Use all the different brushes and colors and of course your imagination! Fill the sketches and make the world of MonstersQuartet more colorful the way you wish. Its all up to your creativity! You are the artist!Features:? watch a fast rewind of how you painted a sketch;? three brush sizes, eraser and twelve different colors in your toolbox;? zoom for finer painting;? undo for bad paints;? intuitive interface, specially designed for kids;? automatic save of your pictures;? continue your drawings whenever you want;? album with all your pictures;? share colored sketches with friends.Note: there are ads in the application, which can be removed if donating using the button from inside the app.ABOUT USMASConsult is a company specialized in developing android application. If you want your application developed by us, send a mail to projects@masconsult.euWebsite:

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