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Test and Improve your knowledge your knowledge of flags of the world with this fun trivia quiz game. Includes the current sovereign countries / nations / states of the world. Compete with your friends and the world via a global score board provided by Scoreloop.****** Game play info1 After you download the app, just open it and click start, choose the length of the game that you want to play (10, 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100)2 Tap one of the four multiple-choice answers.If you are correct, the answer that you selected will be green, and the three others will be white.If your are not correct, your answer will be red and the right answer will be green, and the remaining two will still be white.** Score Calculation (for those interested in dominating the leader board)Your score is calculated from 3 variables:1) the percentage of questions that you got correct2) the length of game that you selected (longer is better)3) the average time that you took for each question.2 notes about time:A) only thinking time is considered. That is, the time between when you answer and advance to the next question is not counted. So that is a good time to take a break (or exit the app during the middle of a game)B) your slowest 10% of answer times are thrown away and are not factored into your average time. This is designed to not punish a player when they exit / pause the app to answer a phone call or text message but still prevent cheaters from getting the best rank.Here is the formula:11 * percent correct / sqrt(average answer time)+ 1.5 * number correct / sqrt(average answer time) Hope you enjoy!Kewords: quiz trivia geography gameThe United States, China, India, Japan, Canada, Mexico, England, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, Israel, Russia, Germany, France, Egypt, Libya, Norway, Iraq, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Italy, Colombia, South Korea, Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Portugal, The Philippines, Greece, Iceland, Wales, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, North Korea, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, and Uruguayfactsguess

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