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Nature: Sea and Sky HD WallpapersAmazing collection of high quality images of "The sea and the sky."More than 60 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplication makes it unnecessary actions to choose and install on your phone.Features:- Only HD- Only the best, bright imagesOriginal, high quality, convenient!Comment, it will allow us to improve the app for you!Sea – part of the World Ocean, isolated elevations of land or underwater topography. Different from the world’s oceans as hydrological, meteorological and climatic regime, due to their marginal position relative to the oceans and slow water exchange due to limited communication with the open part. [1] Sea – a large amount of salt water, which may be associated with the ocean or a message from the world’s oceans – the Great Salt Lake, for example, the Caspian Sea has no exit.Distinguished by the degree of separation of the inner sea, marginal, intercontinental and inter-island.Internal sea – the sea, for the most part closed the message with the ocean, which have limitations (as compared to the marginal seas) water exchange with the ocean. In these seas, deep strait connecting them to the ocean, a small, preventing the emergence of the deep currents that would lead to mixing of the deep waters. Examples of these is the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea.Depending on the number of continents, whose shores are washed by the sea, inland sea divided into intercontinental (the Mediterranean and the Red Sea) and inland (Yellow and Black Sea).Depending on the connection with the other seas or oceans inland seas are divided into isolated (closed) (The Dead, the Aral Sea) and the semi-isolated (semi) (Baltic Sea, the Sea of ​​Azov). Sea are virtually isolated lakes.Marginal seas – is the sea, which are characterized by free communication with the ocean, and, in some cases, separated from their chain of islands or peninsulas. Although marginal seas lie on the shelf, on the nature of sediments, climatic and hydrological regimes, fauna and flora of the sea is strongly influenced not only the continent, but also the ocean. Marginal seas inherent ocean currents, which are due to ocean winds. The seas of this type include, for example, the Bering Sea, Sea of ​​Okhotsk, Sea of ​​Japan, East China, South China, the Caribbean Sea.Intercontinental sea (sometimes called the Mediterranean Sea) – is the sea, surrounded on all sides by land and connected to the ocean by one or more spills. These seas are the Mediterranean, Red, Caribbean.Inter-island sea – the sea, surrounded by a more or less dense ring of islands, raising relief between which impede the free water exchange with the open seas of the ocean.Most inter-island sea are among the islands of the Malay Archipelago. The largest of them: Javanese, Banda, Celebes.Sky – the space above the surface of the earth or any other celestial object. In general, the air is usually called panorama opening when viewed from Earth (or other astronomical object) in the direction of space.Earth view of the sky depends on the time of day, season and weather. It is often visible clouds and the Earth – the Moon. View of the sky from the earth plane flying above the clouds, may differ significantly from the sky view from the Earth’s surface (especially in the rain).Daytime sky – a layer of the atmosphere, between sunrise and sunset seen from the Earth’s surface, has shades of blue.At the time of sunrise and sunset can be seen shades of yellow, orange and red colors in the sky.At night in the Earth’s sky contains dark blue colors, which can be perceived with the naked eye as black. Can be clearly seen the moon, stars, and other astronomical objects. Starry sky – a set of light, visible at night in the heavens.These pictures are high resolution (HD Wallpapers) look great on android devices with any screen resolution (480×854, 960×540, 1280×720, 480×800, 1280×800, 480×320)

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