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AddedMay 2nd, 2013
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Sky HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality images of the sky.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest images  Wallpapers high definition wallpapers for your Android device thatapplication allows you to choose without unnecessary actions and set yourself on the phone.Interesting facts:Today, in our fast-changing world, we just do not find time to look at the top. Here is what we can see in the sky above us. Starry August night is the most romantic and magical time. People look to the sky for falling stars, make a wish. But at this time, looking out into the universe in fact, a person can feel the limitations of his mind. It seems that we will never be able to understand what is there in the farthest corner of the universe. And is it not this the end? What is the infinity of time and space? But there is a simple question that rarely gives itself, but which gives the key to understanding the structure and evolution of the universe. The question is: "Why starry sky is black? ‘. Most people do not realize what a difficult question. After all, up until the twentieth century, it was not received a satisfactory response. Ancient people were simpler. They believed that the black dome above us, and the stars are glued to it. If you ask a modern man, "there are stars in the sky?", Most will tell you that the stars and galaxies endless. However, if you think a little longer and be logical, then, based on the fact that the stars in the sky infinite number, we come to the conclusion that the sky should be all bright as the sun.Southern Cross – the smallest constellation in the sky, but it has the largest concentration of bright stars.Here you will find the most beautiful and high quality wallpaper high resolution.(480×854, 960×540, 1280×720, 480×800, 1280×800, 480×320)

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