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This demo application is an example of what students will learn during their bachelor program of Mobile Computing at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. It is only a technical preview and not a fully grown product. ControlsYou can move through the scene using the phone’s accelerometer. This should work for most of the phones. Use the touch display to look around and change your orientation. Double-tapping changes the density of the fog. Through the options menu, you can disable the fog and enable a spot light, which serves as a very basic flash light.FeaturesThis application represents a small OpenGL engine students developed during their bachelor course in Mobile Games. The engine is quite simple. It features first-person movement through a walk-biased camera and a seperate matrix for looking around, moveable and animated objects, moving light sources, fog and stencil buffer shadows. This implementation is done with OpenGL ES 1.1 and the fixed function pipeline. If you are interested in the source code of the application, feel free to pass me a message.EducationFirst students learn how to interact with the fixed function pipeline, before they start to program for OpenGL ES 2.0 in an advanced course. Students learn how to use 2D and 3D coordinate systems, how to work with matrix transformations, how to texture and move things. In the advanced course they learn how to write shaders, how to implement shadow mapping, percentage closer filtering, bling-phong (per-pixel lighting) shading instead of gouraud shading (per-vertex lighting) and everything else they need in order to make a fully functional and efficient game engine.

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