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Don’t let your cell phone disturb you during your Quiet Time.Use Quiet Time during an important business meeting, while at the movie theater, while sitting in class, anytime you do not wish to be disturbed.Quickly and easily mute your phone using the Quiet Time widget. Volume is automatically restored when the countdown timer expires.Still need to be interrupted by important calls? Not a problem with Quiet Time. Maintain a list of priority contacts which override muting to ring your phone like normal. Allow your priority contacts to either call or text, the choice is yours.Please Note: Quiet Time is a WIDGET and must be added to your home screen.*** Disclaimer: Quiet Time works well for the vast majority of people, however a very small number have reported having problems. Failure to silence the phone and failure of the Priority Contacts to ring through can sometimes occur on certain devices. Please be aware of these limitations when using this widget.

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