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Gain access to all your private information (passwords, credentials, files etc.) with just a few touches!Your sensitive data is stored in an encrypted file on SD card.Key features of this application:? It does not require INTERNET ACCESS permission (your personal data can’t leak into the net – warranty is 100%)? It contains no advertisements of any kind? Your data is organized as a tree (with unlimited depth)? Data cards may contain any number of fields of various types (strings, numbers, passwords, URLs, emails, phone numbers, timestamps, files)? Predefined templates for most frequently used data cards (web site access, credit card credentials) are available right from the start? Data card templates list is fully editable? All user data is encrypted with well-known and trusted AES algorithm as a single solid block? You may choose required cypher key length for AES algorithm (128, 192 or 256 bit)? If you have lost your master password, there is no way to access your private encrypted data other than trying all possible password combinations? Every day this program automatically creates backup copy of your data (you may select backup depth in settings) ? You can restore all of your data from backup copy in case you accidentally deleted something important or your physical storage (SD card) was damaged? If the program looses focus (another program is launched, a phone call is received etc.) you must re-enter your master password to access your private data? It supports automatic data synchronization with your Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive account (via separate

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