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The schedule should I manage our family! Simple calendar (full version)Optimized scheduling functionality required for applicationsI need to manage the schedule of the people in my cell phone ~ We studied children, the husband’s travel schedule, special occasions can be managed at one time.By multiple users to manage schedules and a calendar or timeline by color to distinguish it from the calendar can be nicely.And everyday you need to have various functions equally. I do not want a complex input~ Simply minimize the screen, enter ~Key Features:- Schedule, Anniversary, gukgongil, to-do (note), provides the lunar calendar- Providing the lunar calendar- Support the Lunar (Memorial day)- Can be viewed year anniversary- Notification support (schedule,anniversary, todo)- Alarm mode support (sound, vibration)- Monthly(specific day),Weekly recurring events can be entered- Things to do administrative (notes)- Data Backup / Import (SD card)- Import terminal on board the basic scheduling information (copy)- Shared features (calendar, anniversary): text messages, kakaotalk, Ever Notes- Schedules, anniversaries, the copy function- Many languages Support : South Korean, English, Chinease, Japanease- Provides a national holiday in Korea, the United States, China, Japan- Provides widget: schedule today, +6 days, weekly, calendar provided widgetMany languages and sharing, calendar, import capabilities is expected to continue to upgrade.Use changes, or more depending on your version of the notice described in section, so please visit.(Home> Settings> Notifications)** 480*800 1200*720Support** NOTICE 3Mbyte about the first time running the initial data download (lunar, national holidays) in progress, and when the job normal processing applications and widgets can be used.

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