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Phone book app is rich in features and intuitive interface.Take full advantage of the contact data of Gmail.Intuitive interface, high performance has been achieved.# The main features #+ Sending of the email specify more than one+ By tree view of group membership (* 1)+ By tree view of organization+ One Touch shortcut phonetic+ Can use some gmail accout+ Send SMS/MMS + To edit contact (Save the new new, edit, delete, using the original data)+ Search target all of the information (name, phone number, email, address, company organization, notes, web, etc…)+ Search of incoming and outgoing calls history+ Edit multiple contact to a group+ Setting a ring tone# Update future plans #- Call prefix- Edit multiple contact to a organization- Save multiple choice set of email- Group Sort- Supports twitter account* 1 What is a tree view of group membershipRather than bother the group divided into folders is a feature that is displayed in the tree only belong to multiple groups.Many groups not only be organized, you will also find well.For example)The Arex and Bobby belongs to the "Favorites" group, Bobby and Chris belongs to the "Coworkers".Tree group in this case, "Favorites" + "Coworkers" "Coworkers" + "Favorites"Produces a hierarchical tree called. Arex and Bobby will be detected when you select the "Favorites".When you select the "Coworkers", Bobby and Chris will be detected."Favorites + Coworkers" or "Coworkers + Favorites" If you choose, Only belong to both Bobby will be detected.

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