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DeveloperK.N. Cooksonia
AddedApr 12th, 2012
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Downloaded by 1,000,000+ people!Android Market Ranking No.1 in Japan!Surreal and mysterious game.This game is your narrow life.Although it seems to be unreasonable, you can clear the stages by thinking from a different angle.–Story–You are lost within the confines of your heart, soul and mind.One day you took a leap and explored your surroundings. But you were afraid, absorbing too many thoughts, ideas all at once.Some will withdraw, while others accel, the question is, will you?–Unique stages–Stage 1 "Getting lost in the labyrinth"Stage 2 "I’m alone in my room"Stage 3 "Being puzzled in neon signs"Stage 4 "I want to leave for a new place"Stage 5 "Build up your strength!"Stage 6 "Crash TEPCO building!"Stage 7 "The crack keeps me from going back"Stage 8 "I’m being chased by police"Stage 9 "Goodbye world, I’ve got tired"Stage 10 "The spirit of my dead body"Stage 11 "The gateway to the New World"Stage 12 "Explosion in your mind"Stage 13 "Be empty in your mind"Stage 14 "In the tank of caught fish"Stage 15 "Surrounded by smiling patients"Stage 16 "Break out of the daily repetition"Stage 17 "After all, I’m all alone again"Stage 18 "Get rid of any insults"Stage 19 "Pilgrimage to sacred place 1"Stage 20 "Information-dependent and stop thinking"Stage 21 "Vanishing passion Stroll in the dusk"Stage 22 "Cellphone hijack virus"Stage 23 "Pilgrimage to sacred place 2"Stage 24 "Your secret is not secret"Stage 25 "Other people always hurt my heart"Stage 26 "Living in Social Network"Stage 27 "Pilgrimage to sacred place 3"Stage 28 "Will be forgotten"Stage 29 "Tired mind knows a taste of rest"Stage 30 "Life does not have much meaning"The Last Stage "Our life is still…"Note: this app can be installed in SD card(external storage).[Facebook]

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