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Tiny Apps is a package of 5 useful floating apps that stay on top of all other apps. You can run several windows of the same Tiny App.Tiny Notes- save notes to your storage- open saved notes- share text right out of Tiny Notes- copy and paste supportedTiny Recorder*- start a recording and save it to your storage- delete and share recordingsTiny Paint- trace something on your screen- open and save paintings- select one of 36 colors- undo possibility- clear canvasTiny Musicplayer*- lists all musicfiles on your device- displays artist, title and albumcover- play/pause, next, previous- select random sequence- enable repeatmodeTiny Calculator- calculate simple and complex arithmetical problems- switch between basic and advanced numberpad- copy the result to your clipboardTiny Apps includes a widget for your homescreen. You can open a Tiny App with less clicks.Fell free to contact the developer: cadr.market@gmail.com*This app doesn’t support multiple instances.

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