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Weather slider, provides constant up to date weather details for multiple locations including tracking the weather for your current location using GPS.Weather slider is light weight, very low battery usage, low bandwidth and low memory footprint on the phone. Weather slider is ideal for people who don’t have spare screen space or who don’t want resource and battery intensive weather widgets running all the time. Weather Slider uses the notification bar to display current and up to date weather details for up to three locations at any time. You have the ability to store as many inactive locations as needed, simply choosing what locations you are tracking. Completely add free!!!!Supports being moved to SD Card…. Don’t waste valuable screen space using widgets when you can have constant update notifications about current weather conditions in multiple areas.In depth weather overview containing:* Humidity* Sun set* Sun rise* Wind speed in MPH or KPH* Wind chill* Wind direction* Temperature in Celcius or Farenheit (C/F)* Weather description* Current conditions images/icons* Latitude and Longitude* Atmospheric pressure* Atmospheric changes* VisibilityInstance one click up to date forecast and current weather conditions information.Fully supports being installed on SD Card. Don’t waste you internal space space.Customize how and when you receive weather updates with an existing list of customizable parts to the program.If you think a feature is missing or one you would like, send feedback from within the application.

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