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AddedApr 8th, 2012
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This app lets you view the Minecraft Wiki with very little effort on a mobile device. A simple two stage process is used, type what you wish to view into the search bar, press the search button. It’s as simple as that! You will get the exact same page as if you were searching the Minecraft Wiki on a computer, which can be a hassle when playing Minecraft on the computer. Please note that some of the permissions are only required to allow Android 1.5 users to use this app. The only permissions that are actually being used are the "Network communication" permission which enables the loading of the Minecraft Wiki page and the advertisement and the vibrate permission.1.3.0 adds new features such as a random button and a favourites button. A much reported bug has been partially fixed. History functionality has now been implemented (check the preferences for details). It’s also fixed the sleeping bug where if the phone went to sleep (or out of the app in any way) then it would return to the main screen. This has been fixed and does not happen anymore!1.2.4 addresses a problem which is caused by the cache databases becoming corrupt.1.2.3 sees a new preference which will address a problem of connection time outs and other related page not loading errors by retrying a number of times (the exact number is set by you). This is in response to comments about page not loading errors.1.2.2 was a rushed release as there was an error found within the code which caused a crash on launch for some Android versions. Hopefully it is now fixed.The most recent update was a bug fix update. There have been a few error reports that have a much older version of the app in which some errors still existed so if you want to at least have a chance of getting rid of those errors, please update!If you’re getting a forced closed error, please try clearing the apps cache.Recent updates you may have not known about:- Fixed a force close on start bug.- Made the parsing of a page happen in a different thread so as to not slow down the keyboard hiding. This will also fix a not responding error which occasionally happens and a force close error which occasionally happens.- Started extracting the data which is relevant to the search query you made (has caused a small delay).- Now possible to press the enter key on the soft keyboard instead of the search button.- Changed the home page of the app.- Added a help and about page.- Added some GUI preferences.- The web page display now renders black while loading a webpage to save on battery power.- Added an advertisement (hence the new permission).Future updates will include:- Be able to share pages with other Android devices.- Customising the UI slightly to a preferred look as the recently updated version makes the "search" button look odd.- Add better error pages for when a page doesn’t load.Please note that this is in Beta stage and future updates will come making the display look better.

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