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Weather application and widgets, with the current conditions and up to 6 days forecast in a single screen. Details are provided for each day by clicking on the weather icon. These details include day and night information, UV index, a radar image (for today), and (US only) air quality and pollen information for today.Weather updates can be manual, or set from 1 to 12 hours. Updating manually can be done via the app’s preferences or a widget.About any location is the world is supported. If the current position is know (via GPS or network), it will be suggested when adding a location. A special ‘My location’ (requires network positioning) is provided, which will automatically change to where you are.Following widgets are provided:- simple weather widget (2×1): current conditions and next day forecast. Optionally, the last update time is displayed and a background can be choosen from a number of available backgrounds (including fully transparent);- weather & clock widget (4×1): shows the weather information as described above for the simple weather widget, and additionally a clock supporting multiple digit styles, optional next alarm info, and optional date. For the clock, optionally the weather location’s time can be used, making it a world weather and clock widget.Multiple backgrounds are available to choose from (including fully transparent). Clicking the digits can launch an application of your choice;- advanced weather & clock widget (4×2): all features of the weather & clock widget with additional 3 weather positions for forecasts and/or other weather locations (and time);- in style widget (4×2): a nice weather & clock widget with up to 4-day forecast;- minimalistic weather & clock widget (1×1): displays the location name, current weather icon, current temp, hi/lo forecast temp and the time (optional backgrounds, clock digits, weather icons, custom action when clicking the clock minutes digits, enter widget prefs by clicking the clock hour digits, launch WMD-Weather app by clicking elsewhere);- Seb’s weather widget (4×1): weather widget with up to 4 days of info;- Seb’s weather/clock widget (4×2): large clock with weather info.NOTE: for the widgets to continu functioning after booting your device, the app has to be installed on internal memory!The widget’s preferences can be modified at all times (see the online FAQ for widget details). Clicking the current conditions icon will launch the app itself.Clock widgets support an additional custom action. Configurable via the widget preferences (by tapping the hour digits), the action can be launched by tapping the minutes digits.Some of the clock widgets can display multiple locations (with time and current weather info) in a single widget, making them ‘world clock/weather’ widgets.Notes:- the widgets may not render fully on small screen (320×200) devices with a low dpi (e.g. original HTC Wildfire with HTC Sense; with a different launcher (e.g. ADWLauncher) rendering seems to be ok though)- should you encounter problems or errors, please consult the online FAQ (http://tinyurl.com/wmdweatherfaq) or contact us for help (rather than posting a comment or question in the Google Market to which cannot be responded)- for more information, please visit– http://tinyurl.com/wmdsoft– http://tinyurl.com/wmdweather2– http://tinyurl.com/wmdweatherfaq.Call for translators: if your language is not yet supported and you would like to have the app in your language and are willing to help translate texts, please let me know (by mail). Thanks!Thanks to Mattias Lindström for the Swedish translations, Rósza Ferenc and Zoltán Cservári for the Hungarian translation, Samuel Alves Rosa for the French and Spanish translations, Sebastian Lorenz for the German translation and André Pinto for the Brazilian version!

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