Antivirus for Android- Know the Basics

Cyberattacks have been on the rise in the last few years, and there is never a better time to take cybersecurity more seriously. As technology continues to advance, cyberattacks are also constantly evolving with new hack tricks and methods, which calls for more security.

If you do your research online, there are a number of security apps to stay safe while you use your device, which will also keep your mind at rest while you send sensitive information via the internet. There are many additional benefits of installing an antivirus app, including Real-Time Protection, Robust Web Protection, Safe Downloading, and Regular Device Scans.

Do You Need Antivirus for Your Android?

By default, most android devices won’t let you install apps from sources that aren’t trusted unless you adjust the settings yourself. This is a preventive measure to ensure you don’t install a dangerous app in the process. However, there will always be instances where you need some of these apps outside Google Play and you need to break that barrier. If that’s the case, you will need antivirus software to shield you from threats. There are also some dodgy apps that find their way into Google Play while posing as a trusted app. To avoid falling into such a trap, you need to stay safe with an antivirus app installed.

How to Choose the Best Antivirus App for Android

There are many features available on these mobile security apps. So, while you look forward to shielding your device against malware attacks, you should also lookout for more helpful features. Here is a guide on how to choose:

1.  Features

This is the most important part of the app, and you need one that does not only protect your device from malware but also benefits you in many other ways. Some important features to look out for include Anti-phishing, App lock, Remote lock, Antitheft, Call/SMS blocker, Message filter, Backup, Safe browsing, Encryption, Parental control, and SIM lock.

2. Performance

Check the performance of the app to know how fast it is and if it can run with the workload on your device. Go for the one with a faster and lighter solution that would run effectively without causing your phone more troubles.

3. Detection Rate

The primary goal of the antivirus app is to detect any threat on your device, and you need one that would detect and block it as fast as possible before any harm is done. The software must be able to detect up to 98% of android malware in realtime to ensure safety.

4. Check the Brand

This is about safety and definitely not the time to test waters and try out new brands on the market with no clear guarantee. Look out for brands that have proven to be reliable over the years and have more positive reviews to show for it. A good track record of a brand will assure you of the safety of your device.


Long before now, installing an antivirus app might have been a topic up for debate. However, with the increasing malware threats and how much sensitive personal information we have on our devices, it’s advisable to install the app and not take chances.

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