Huawei Smartphones Banned from Downloading VLC from Google Play

VLC is a hugely popular application for playing local video and music files on Android devices and today, the company announced they are blacklisting/banning all recent Huawei smartphone models from downloading their app from Google Play. The reason for the draconian measure is that Huawei’s smartphones kill basically every background process, hence VLC is not capable of playing music except from keeping it open, due to poor background app management on Huawei’s behalf.

Rather than facing a plethora of bad reviews on Google Play from frustrated users, VLC decided to block their software on Huawei devices altogether. VLC’s app for Android is arguably one of the best out there, packed with features, fast and versatile, and also simple to use. Moreover, it’s open source and it amassed more than one hundred million downloads from the Play Store so far. On top of that, the VLC Android app boasts a 4.4 stars rating, based on millions of reviews from users, hence today’s decision to ban recent Huawei devices from downloading their app sounds legit. VLC has no in-app purchases an serves no ads. Also, there’s no built in spying code and it can play basically any audio or video file, along with network shares/streams and drives on any droid.

The ban was put in place as VLC started collecting negative reviews from frustrated users to no fault of their own but Huawei’s dubious policy of indiscriminately killing background apps; well, except those developed by Huawei themselves, which is not kosher, to say the least.

Huawei makes some nice phones hardware wise but I won’t run their EMUI build of Android if you paid me. By the way, Huawei confirmed that the US version of the Mate 10 Pro is the only region that will not be receiving the vaunted GPU Turbo update which increases game performance by 60%. Further, the US version will not be getting face unlock, or the night mode camera features which takes great night shots without a tripod. Mate 10 Pros in every other country have already gotten these features. Huawei and Honor phones in the USA are not getting any of these features. This is in retaliation for the US government’s treatment of Huawei. Every time seeing Huawei/Honor phones face the brunt is awesome. It is the shadiest company from China with deep ties to its communist dictator government.

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