President Trump Warns Twitter on Censorship

As Facebook stock is continuing its nose dive on Thursday, President Trump warned Twitter about censoring conservatives and Republicans, well, via an ominous tweet that reads:

It’s funny how Trump is using Twitter to take a swing on @Jack’s lack of free speech, don’t you think? You should remember that President Trump is very careful with his choice of words. In the tweet above, he uses the word “illegally”, which basically announces an incoming crackdown on both Twitter and Facebook, though, truth be told, Lord Zucc is doing an awesome job cracking down his own empire. So, considering the “illegal practices” choice of words, guess what is going to happen next?

If Twitter shadow-banning REP pundits is against the law of the land, then banning so-called “far right” dissidents should be also against the law. We’re talking about free speech here by the way, the First Amendment and all that. Even if Twitter and Facebook are privately owned de-facto monopolies, I can’t imagine a valid reason why it would be legal for such entities to censor political speech, which is protected by the US Constitution. Remember, both Twitter and Facebook are US based companies. Trump’s warning comes at the same time that Infowars received another strike on their YouTube channel, with CNN&comp pressing YouTube to remove Alex Jones completely from their platform.

This dystopian censorship is only possible due to Silicon Valley spending top-dollar lobbying the Congress to keep the industry completely unregulated. And after watching Facebook’s downfall these days, which is due in large part to the massive censorship on their platform, along with Orwellian privacy issues, Big Tech might even start to ask  for the Federal Government to step in. The common sense guideline for internet censorship is a no-brainer: we already have the First Amendment, which should be applied to all public spaces, including internet forums like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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