New Google Phone App Will Get You Rid of Spam Calls

If you’re an Android user, your smartphone will be better than ever starting from, well, now, thanks to the new Google Phone App. After a quick update via Play Store, you’ll be able to send spam calls (like, from your ex girlfriend or something) directly to voicemail. Initially, the new feature was available just for Google’s Nexus and Pixel in a beta testing program of sorts, but after a few months (it all started back in April), all of us plebes are receiving the new Google phone app.

According to the tech giant, the new feature is now available for basically all Android users, i.e. it’s rolling as we speak/read this piece. That’s as good as it gets, right? Seriously now, to access the new app, open the Phone application, then go to Settings, next Caller ID&Spam and you’ll be able to spot the brand spanking new toggle which reads Filter Spam calls. Pretty straight forward, if you ask me. When you turn this feature on, spam calls would become a thing of the past. And that’s because spam calls suck. Thanks to the new Google Phone app, all those pesky spammers trying to sell you an all expense paid cruise to Timbuktu or wherever will be getting a new and direct DND message, if one so inclined, via the direct to voicemail feature.

Every call detected as spam will go straight to voicemail, and that’s pretty civilized if you ask me. You canalways  listen to the messages via the dedicated voicemail tab in the application. But mind you, even if spammy calls will appear in your call history, your smartphone will stay quiet, and when a spam voice mail is left, there will no notification. Pretty cool.

Here you can download the latest Google phone app for free. Once download and installed, you won’t be bothered by a spam call ever again. Have fun.

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