YOUTUBE Star Says ‘Coming out as transgender was infinitely easier for me than coming out as conservative’

Blaire White is a controversial YouTube star, who has become famous for her conservative views as a transgender woman. What’s interesting is that nowadays, is much difficult to “come out of the closet” as a right-winger/conservative than a sexual deviant, i.e. a transsexual/transgender. The 24 year old has almost half a million YouTube followers/subscribers and she first started making videos back in college.

Blair endured tons of criticism and trolling from both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Here’s a very interesting quote:

If you mix being trans with having a few right-wing opinions … it’s a shit show. ’ll be scrolling through my tweets and my notifications, and I’ll see a comment saying, ‘Fuck Blaire White. She is a gatekeeper for the trans community. She hates trans people. She’s a bigot’ … Then I’ll keep scrolling, and I’ll see one from someone more so on the right saying, “Fuck Blaire White. She’s a delusional man and she deserves to die.’”

However, the cherry on top is this:

Coming out as transgender was infinitely easier for me than coming out as a conservative. It’s frustrating to feel like I’ll never be able to sit in a room full of leftists because of my beliefs, and I’ll never be able to sit in a room with conservatives because I’m trans.”

lf she thought that was hard, wait until she tries to convince Congress to mandate that her surgery be covered by her health insurance. This is from a (deleted) tweet by the way.


Most of her YouTube/Twitter content is about criticizing social justice warriors, the LGBTQ community,  activists like Black Lives Matter and various left-wing internet-personalities.


Now, if you ask me, “She” is man enough to deal with it. Being trans doesn’t prevent you from favoring low taxes, limited government regulations and valuing the 2nd Amendment. Frankly I wish we could get some of these social issues out of politics. There are millions of conservatives out there who don’t care who you are sleeping with or what you identify as so long as you aren’t trying to take half my income.

What’s really disturbing is that nowadays it’s more socially acceptable to be a man in a dress with fake boobs than it is to be a man  wearing a MAGA hat in the street. I find it astonishing that a great majority of the left chooses to demonize those with opposing views. You will be called a bigot, white supremacist, trans phobic, and many other things solely based on the fact that you support a party or idea that is not the same as them. While transgender people are hailed as heroes simply by wearing a rainbow armband, a military serviceman will be considered as a hateful bigot if he supports border control.

The social engineers have convinced all the trendies it’s not cool to be even a little bit conservative. Free speech is not cool. What is cool to the trendies is telling on people you disagree with.  Can’t we all just get along?


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