Android Game Review: Man of Steel

man.of.steel-androidThe new Superman flick recently soared into theaters, and last week the Man of Steel game hit Google Play. After swiping myself silly for the better part of the weekend, I’m back with my take on the Man of Steel game. Screenshot_2013-06-17-21-41-17Swipe-based fighting games are all the rage these days, and the Man of Steel games controls will feel familiar if you’ve ever played Infinity Blade or Blood & Glory. You swipe to throw punches, and you’ll be able to do a few other simple moves like grapple, dodge, and block. The only other moves you’ll really need to know are super speed & heat vision which can be used once their respective gauges fill up. As far as fighting games go it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, simple but effective. Screenshot_2013-06-16-17-24-13The villains feel a little generic, and the fighting is pretty straightforward, but the effects of your punches can be fun to watch. You can knock opponents into (and through) buildings and cars or launch enemies into the air with a vicious uppercut. The damage doesn’t feel quite as quite as drastic as it should be at times, although Superman will become more powerful as you progress through the game and level up his abilities. Everyone knows Superman’s costume was changed a bit for the new flick, and the Man of Steel game reflects those changes with its suits. There are 6 unlockable suits, each has its own boosts and unfortunately, the classic suit is missing. Four of the suits are classified as “armor” while the other is a solid green guards uniform. I understand they want to promote the movie, but you should always throw a few classics in.  Your character can be upgraded using XP, and Keys are used to buy suits or power-ups for survival mode. Screenshot_2013-06-16-17-19-08As for the extras, Man of Steel has a nicely done comic style storyline that’s tied to the movie, and you’ll get pieces of it as you fight bosses in the game. It’s a nice touch, even if the enemy placement feels a little odd at times. There are no high scores or achievements to strive for, but there are around 16 stages – some with multiple enemies. Survival mode adds a bit more depth to things and helps you earn a few extra Keys which will come in handy if you’re looking to pick up a suit. Screenshot_2013-06-16-16-59-55Man of Steel isn’t the worst movie tie-in game we’ve seen this year, and it certainly isn’t the best. It’s easy on the eyes just like the film, but it just feels average where the film is awesome. If it was cheaper, I’d say give it a shot, but device compatibility issues and price drag the game down. I didn’t have any trouble running it, but the controls weren’t responsive at times and they have to be in a swipe-based fighter. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can pick up Warner Brothers Man of Steel game for $4.99 on Google Play.

Man of Steel


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