Quick Review: CRUSH from Radian Games

crushIt may have taken Radian Games a while to make it over to Android, but they certainly know how to make a splash. A few weeks ago they released the award winning Slydris, and now they’re back with another tough puzzler simply called CRUSH. Screenshot_2013-06-20-01-40-47 CRUSH is a block-based puzzler that requires you to remove blocks of the same color from the screen as quickly as possible. Every time you make a match the whole pile drops a bit, and if it goes past the bottom of the screen it’s game over. Think of it like Tetris in reverse, and twice as hard. That’s not the only trick CRUSH has up its sleeve though, in fact, it’s only the beginning. The colored blocks wrap around the sides of the screen so clearing a pile on one side Screenshot_2013-06-20-01-40-37can affect the other. You can also clear single blocks if you choose, and there are power-ups that double as extra lives if you don’t use them during a game. Throw in three modes of play and you’ve got a puzzler that’s going to drive you nuts, and keep you busy for ages. If you’re thinking CRUSH is just another simple matching game you’re wrong, and you’ll find that out rather quickly. Most of the moves you make are going to be wrong, and while the power-ups give you a bit of relief it’s only temporary. CRUSH is a tough as nails, but it’s a blast to play and a steal at only $0.99. If your spirits are easily crushed  you may want to steer clear, but if you love a good puzzler you’ll definitely want to download CRUSH.



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