App Review: Animal Circus Activity Book

animal.circus-androidEvery once in a while we stumble across a cool Android App for children, and this week we’re going to take a look at Animal Circus Activity Book from the folks at Wonderkind. animal.circus-1Interactive activity books are a perfect fit for touchscreen devices, and let’s face it, it’s always nice to have an app or game to keep the little ones busy. The Animal Circus Activity Book lets your kids have a little fun at the circus where they’ll be able to interact with scores of interesting objects. They can make an elephant shoot peanuts, watch clowns ride unicycles, or hand out balloons to children. You can interact with almost anything in a scene, and it’s all handled very well for the most part… The downside to Animal Activity Circus comes in the form of in-app purchases. You only get one scene for free, and have to unlock the other two via IAP. Your child can easily go into that menu (easily accessible) and poke around, but they won’t be able to buy anything unless they have your Google account password. It’s technically “safe”, but it’s advertised as free, and there’s no mention in the market description of folks having to pay to unlock additional scenes. animal.circus-2The Animal Circus Activity Book is a solid kid’s app, and one can see how children would enjoy the circus atmosphere and mellow piano music. The developers should have offered a free trial along with a full paid version, or at least mentioned the unlockable levels in the market description. Is it worth checking out? Definitely… just be prepared to drop $2.50 if your kid wants to see the Wild Animals or Daredevil Artists.

The Animal Circus Activity Book


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