Baidu Browser for Android

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One of the best things Android offers to its fan-base is the multitude of choices when it comes to…basically anything. The same theory applies for web browsers. Enter the Baidu Browser from Baidu HK.

Well, this is just another web browser, I have my Chromium already, what’s up with Baidu?

Not so fast, my young Padawan. Just go to Google Play Store, download and install Baidu and you’ll see that the force runs strong with this browser!

Why choose Baidu? Well, it’s super-uber-mega fast, and you can take that to the bank. Using a proprietary T5 engine technology, you’ll see the speed difference when browsing, the pages will load hyper-fast and everything is fully customizable.

Baidu offers instant access to all sorts of cool web content, like news, videos, cat pictures and so on and so forth.

There’s an incognito mode for those of you obsessed with privacy, a “quick links” feature that’s like a bookmark of some sort; Baidu also tracks your favorite websites and it displays them for easy access in the future.

Also, download speed is augmented when using Baidu and there are lots of custom skins plus an awesome nigh-mode that protects your eyes in low lighting conditions.

Baidu Browser - screenshot

What I enjoyed most about Baidu was its minimalist design and its high speed internet browsing capabilities. If you’re looking for an alternative or you’re just bored with your “stock” browser, just give Baidu a chance. You’ll thank me later.


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