DU Speed Booster Review

Here comes another cool piece of software from  DU Apps, namely the DU Speed Booster for Android. This time, the Booster, as the name suggests, will make your beloved droid much faster, lightning fast actually and the best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free of charge.

All you have to do is to visit Google Play Store, download and install the application and, well, stick with me, there’s more to come, just after the break!

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Now, what does this button do, you may ask? Well, Dee Dee, the Booster is capable of speeding your Android smartphone (or device) by up to 60%. How is that possible?

Well, with just a touch, the cool interface will work its magic on your droid, by cleaning up the junk files from the OS and it will also increase the available storage space on your memory card.

Its main features are the “Easy Speed Booster”, the “Junk Files Cleaner”, the “Powerful Speed Booster”, the “Smart Booster” and finally, the integrated antivirus-mobile security thing called “Security Booster&Master”. All these features are very easy to use, they will augment your droid where it counts, i.e. in games, when managing apps or when it comes to safely browsing the “internets”. You can uninstall/clean/manage all the useful/not so useful apps installed on your device hence optimizing your droid for better performance while gaming or whatever.

The coolest feature in my opinion is the Speed Accelerator thingy; with just one touch it will make a thorough diagnose of your installed software and it will improve the overall performance of the system when playing games by disabling unnecessary apps and cleaning up the memory.


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