DU Battery Saver & Widgets Review

If you’re a frenetic user of your Android running device, boy, do I have good news for you or what?

Enter DU Battery Saver from DU Apps Studio, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of battery saving/managing “techniques”.

The app is absolutely free of charge, all you have to do is to visit the Google Play Store, to download and install it and you’re ready to roll.

By rolling I mean that you’ve just made your Android gizmo’ battery to last longer. Because that’s what the DU Battery Saver does, and it does it like no other. In style, that is.

I just installed the app on my old Samsung Galaxy S2 and I noticed that my browsing time was increased with 40%, give or take.

DU Apps Studio claims that you can improve your battery life with up to 50%, and I tend to believe them. It’s pretty amazing what this app can do, at least on my “old” droid.

There are a few features built within the app, designed to make your life easier and also to increase battery life while (amazingly) increasing the performance of your droid. Features like “Fast battery saver” (this one will optimize your battery with only one touch), “Simple battery saver” (here you must choose between a few presets, i.e. to obtain high performance from your smart device or to conserve the battery for as much as possible), “Effective battery saver”(optimizes charging for extending the battery life) and “Easy & Powerful battery saver”( this also extends the life of the power plant by %50).

Now, for my favorite part, let me tell you a few words about the Battery Cooling thingy, a built-in option within the DU Battery app that prevents the CPU or the battery from overheating. This happens (the heating rage) mostly when you’re playing franticly with your smartphone or you waste your precious time on posting cat pics on Facebook etc. The Battery Cooling feature will let you  know when your droid is “melting” and also when it’s ready to roll again after the temperature has dropped enough.

There are many other features but you’ll have to discover them for yourself. Just download the app and play with it for a little while, it’s free and works miracles on your baby.

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