Vaper’s Toolbox App Review

Vaper's Toolbox

If you just quit smoking and embraced the new high tech e-cigarette thing, say hello to Vaper’s Toolbox, an Android app that will help you to build your own coils.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total noob or an expert, with Vaper’s Toolbox you’ll no longer need to do all those pesky calculations for achieving the perfect  coil.

Because, guess what : that’s what the app does for you. For example, there’s a Wire Cutter feature that calculates the exact length of every piece of coil wire in order to obtain the necessary resistance. The Wire Cutter will work with all sorts of designs : single, dual, triple or quad coils. It also supports various types of wires, such as Kanthal, Nichrome etc and it can calculate the wire length both in metric or inches/fractions of inches.

Vaper's Toolbox 2

The Coil Builder feature will help you with determining how many wraps (actually, the exact number of wraps) of the coil will be required given the wire length.

There’s also a Power Tool calculator that will show you the wattage/voltage at which  you’re vaping. Last but not least, there’s a Converter tool (inches, mm, etc).

If you’re an e-cigarette aficionado, just go to Google’s Play Store, download and install the app and have fun!

Vaper's Toolbox 3


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