The Bird Inferno for Android

bird inferno

Bird Inferno for Android

Here comes another action game for  Android aficionados out there: the Bird Inferno, from Nanona Games. If you’re from this planet and you have access to the Internet, you must have heard about the last sensation when it comes to mobile gaming. I am talking here about that weird looking and playing Flappy Bird game, one of the most successful and downloaded apps of the year and maybe in history. Yet, one of the most annoying games in the universe, hence the success!

Well, now we have the Bird Inferno. As the name suggests, this is the new Flappy Bird, with a twist : now you can destroy your peace of mind and your touchscreen playing this piece of work, but there’s a difference, just hold on to your hat, more after the break, stay tuned.

bird inferno

What’s Up With That?

What I’m trying to tell you is that what we have here is Flappy Bird in 3D, a new devilry that will waste your time and your neural cells like never before! Trust me on that! Just click here, download and install this game on your Android device and you’ll see what I’m trying communicate. Maybe you’ll hate me 8 hours later, after you’ve collapsed physically and emotionally, because this game is addicting as Hell!

The game-play is as basic as it gates :all you have to do is to guide Phoenix and Phoebe, two fire-birds, through an infernal forest and to tap your way out of there. Obviously, everything revolves around high scores and sharing the results with your friends. But believe me, even if it may sound easy as pie, the reality is awesome and words can’t describe it accurately! The game is absolutely free, but if you want a version without ads, you’ll have to cough up $1.



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