Retro Cube for Android

The Retro Cube Game for Old School Android Lovers

The Retro Cube from JK Studio is an old school arcade game for Android that looks like something your father played in the 80’s, when neon lights design was all the rage.

Designed and built for the retro-lovers, who wasted their youth playing Pac Man and Tetris, the Retro Cube, as its name suggests,  comes with great graphics actually (for an 80’s game) and has an old school feeling that makes a perfect pair with its excellent controls.

Even if the looks may deceive you, this is actually a pretty cool game to play and if you have the patience to give it a chance, you’ll discover that Retro Cube is fun, challenging and even addictive.

Just click here, download it and install it on your droid and take a sniff of the old school gaming experience. Everything started with this kind of game 30 years ago, even CoD or whatever high-tech-3d-ultra HD game are you playing on your Xbox nowadays.

retro cube

How To Retro Cube?!

You must use your logic and common sense and wall jump/glide/slide your way, level after level. That’s Retro Cube in a nutshell. The game-play difficulty increases  and becomes more challenging level after level and there’s a death counter there, that will keep track of your failures. And yes, you will die a lot, because this is not your regular easy, mindless game that you can play with your eyes closed. You must think a bit, even if it may hurt!

If you like Geometry, you’ll love Retro Cube!


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