Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game


Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game

For those of us who love our brain and enjoy practicing memorization techniques, here comes Memozzle, a turn based memory card game from Netplay Solutions.

To begin with, just visit Google Play Store and download the game, install it on your droid and let the fun times begin!  Yes, this game is free of charge.

Now, let’s see what we’re dealing with here, shall we?

Basically, Memozzle is an Android app that is based on the principle of card object matching. The game was developed by a company that has a long history with mobile games. They started creating games for Java powered cellphones back in 2006 and currently they have over 30 games available in Google’s Play Store (I think the precise figure is 34 or something like that) but Memozzle is the first Android based game from Netplay Solutions.

What makes this mobile game different from other card memory match games is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, i.e. you will be able to challenge your friends and play the game together online.


Memozzle – How to Play

Each game has three rounds and the winner is the player with the highest score, it’s very simple actually. Each round is more difficult than the previous one; for example, the first round has 18 cards and the third round has 36.

In terms of design, Memozzle comes with a very refreshing combo of  cartoon avatars for each player, also with cartoon like objects and animals, accompanied by sound effects; all these will make owning your friends with poorer memory as fun as it gets!

Each round has one minute in which you’ll have to flip the cards and match the pair of objects with the respective cards. You’ll have goats, pigs, horses and the like, and you’ll have to match them ASAP and with as few moves as humanly possible. You’ll have to tap on the cards to flip them over, trying to find the ones that match. If they match, you must keep them, if not, they’ll be turned back. Every time you match two cards, you get 100 points, each time you fail you lose 50 points. Basically, that’s the whole idea behind the  game play, the rest is up to you and your memory.


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