The Cleaner App For Android


Speed Up And Clean Your Droid With The Cleaner

I bet you’re familiarized with those “maintenance” applications, like the CC Cleaner or Windows Mechanic or whatever. They come pretty handy when it comes to keeping your computer in check and running as it should. Now, if you’re running on Android, you can use the latest application from Mirmay Limited : The Cleaner !

I know, it sounds like a hit man for the mob or something, but in reality, The Cleaner App will be your best friend if you’ll use it regularly. Basically, the Cleaner will help your smartphone/tablet or whatever  smart device you have to work like in its first day of inception. The Cleaner will speed up your OS and it will clear up those old/unused/redundant files, it will provide you with more storage space, it will clean up the RAM, it will make other apps and games to run faster and smoother.

The best thing about The Cleaner  is that it’s free of charge, like all the goods things in life! Just click here, download it, install it and enjoy it! Spread the word!


The Cleaner’s Main Features at a Glance :

-it will help your device to run faster and smoother by freeing up RAM and stopping those futile background tasks

-it will  help you delete the old files/cookies/offline data, providing you with additional storage space on your droid

-by stopping those unwanted processes running in the background, The Cleaner will make your droid’s battery last longer on a single charge

-The Cleaner can be programmed to perform maintenance tasks automatically

-The Cleaner has a fully customizable user interface

-The Cleaner can be controlled easily from your home screen using widgets


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