Comindware Project – PM App Review


Well, ladies and gents, today we will talk about Comindware Project™, a highly professional Project Management software for, well, project managers, what else? As the name suggests, the purpose of this application for Android is to make life easier for both project managers and the team members themselves, transforming everything into “a walk in the park”.

If you know what working with lots of people really means for a manager, you’ll love this software and especially its Android application. This innovative technology will make your project planning/execution/collaboration more efficient, you’ll be able to speed up your deadlines and you’ll dramatically improve your project management experience, thanks to the predictive features built inside the software, such as automated Priority-Based planning, real-time Gantt Chart, Work Breakdown structure mechanism and last but not least, Resource Allocation.

All these features can be controlled from within the app, which is built on top of the Comindware Team Network™, some say the number one enterprise social collaboration platform!

Now, let’s talk a bit about the Android app, because that’s why we are here. The PM App is basically the mobile client for the Comindware Project™.

Just click here, download and install the app and you’ll be able to enjoy faster access to your projects on the go, wherever you are in the world. Also, you can enjoy group discussions via smartphone/tablet, you can check out documents, tasks, make changes in real time while discussing details with your project team, basically you can be just as productive while on the go like you were in your office!

Obviously, if you want to use  the  Comindware Project™ application for Android (free of charge!) you’ll require an active copy of the  Comindware Project™ software. Even if you don’t have a certified copy, you can benefit from a 30 days free trial by clicking here.

Also, if you want to find out more about the Comindware Project, just click here


Now, let’s see some of the benefits of using the  Comindware Project  :

– the most important one, you can bring all the things together with just one app/software : documents, tasks, people, all in a single/unified system

-you can discuss/modify in real time all the project details with your team  regardless of your location, you can execute your tasks timely and efficiently, you can prioritize everything while on the go

-with Comindware Project App you can increase performance and maximize visibility into team workload, also you can collaborate on different projects with various teams, full in context of work.


The software will make your job easy, as it will automate project planning and save hours of your precious time; you can set priorities from within the app, create tasks, assign resources with the drag-and-drop feature and your project plan will be “born” easy as pie, automatically, based on your work calendar and your resource workload.

Also, you will be able to determine the issues with the project during its execution and to make the best management decisions. The Real Time Gantt chart enables you to track  the task completion progress and the resource workload in real time.

You can drag and drop tasks by using the Work Breakdown Structure feature and you can present/modify the project task structure or assign resources using an user friendly graphical mode.

Basically, with the Comindware Project you’ll benefit from an unified work-space for both document and data sharing for an unlimited number of users.




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