Kidslox Parenting Control Review

It is impossible to imagine people’s life without Internet. The World Wide Web helps people find any necessary information, download a bestseller book, or watch a brand-new movie. Internet opens new horizons and gives people an opportunity to develop, have fun, and communicate with others. Going online, everyone is able to order food, buy tickets, book a hotel, find a fascinating game and suchlike.

However, the Internet is also full of allurement: websites for adults, chats in social networks, online dating, funny YouTube videos people spend hours watching. Obviously, parents want to control their kid and know what their son or daughter is doing online. Now you are able to safeguard your child installing special parenting control apps. Downloading parental control Android application, you will know what kinds of websites your kid visits remaining unnoticed, and having access to your child’s device at any time of the day and night.


Parenting Control Apps And What Is Special About Them

Why do parents use parenting control apps? It’s no secret there are lots of websites which are dangerous for children and teenagers’ mental and physical health. Visiting such kind of websites kids may be bullied, become addicted to gambling, or even start having suicidal thoughts. When you think your child is studying, he or she may actually spend time chatting, watching YouTube videos or even pornography.

Now you have a chance to control all the websites your child visits, downloading parenting control application. Installing Kidslox Android app you become able to:

  • monitor websites your child is visiting from your PC or mobile device;
  • safeguard your daughter or son from online threats, such as bullying or blackmailing;
  • block apps, websites, games and any type of abusive or inappropriate content which may affect your child’s health;
  • protect your child from violent information;
  • know how much time your kid spends online.

Parenting control app will help you secure your child during his or her online surfing, as well as make it possible for you to avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations.


Safeguarding Your Child

Undoubtedly, online parenting control is essential, since it helps parents protect their child from an information which may have a bad influence of him or her. A variety of parenting control applications make it possible for parents to know how long their child surfs the Internet, what websites he/she visits, track the browsing history, and see what calls your child has made during the day, as well as such apps also help overcome Internet addiction.

Your child will have more time for studying, going out with friends and developing. Installing Kidslox iOS app you keep your kid away from toxic digital world, and even become able to save your daughter or son’s life blocking dangerous websites.


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