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KeepSolid Sign can be described as a multi-platform E-signature app which is aimed at making your life easier. If you’re not very tech savvy, consider this: KeepSolid Sign is the definition of time saving, no-nonsense and  secure electronic signature technology. In layman’s terms, KeepSolid Sign is a top notch Android app, designed to help with simplifying the bureaucracy in a business environment . If you’re still relying on old-school fragile paper to do your daily business, this Android app will definitely change your mind, and bring you kicking and screaming into the 21th century. I am just kidding, but seriously, you should give it a try.

Why and how, you asked? Well, to begin with, go to Google Play Store, and download/install the app on your droid by simply following this link. Now, let’s see what’s the philosophy behind this app. To begin with, KeepSolid Sign was created to help you sign documents easier than ever before. And since everything nowadays revolves around internet/it’s internet related and very high tech/100 percent digital and all that, an electronic signature app is a must-have. Enter KeepSolid Sign, which is one of the best signature apps I’ve ever tested. Using it, you’ll be able to simply import the document on your smartphone/Android device of choice (tablet, Chromebook or whatever), and then approve it with your signature, and finally send it to whomever. It doesn’t get easier than that, believe me folks.

Moreover, KeepSolid Sign comes with another cool feature, i.e. it allows you to open docs from basically any email client or storage device. The icing on the cake so to speak is represented by the app’s synchronization and secure storage features. Also, this Android app uses state of the art AES-256 encryption, so you can rest assured your sensitive/personal data remains completely secure, as in you’ll not have to worry about unauthorized third parties accessing it and stealing your secrets and what not.

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And that’s not all: KeepSolid Sign offers downloading templates for your documents from within the app, various cloud storage features, camera roll, and here’s one of my favorites gimmicks: you can instantly use the “drag and drop” thing for getting your desired files into the application, in order to synchronize them instantly across any number of devices. There’s also an Offline Mode feature, that allows you to do a number of things sans an internet connection, the likes of adding annotations, creating an E-signature and more. Using this cool Android app, you’ll be able to collaborate with your business partners more easily, as it allows a free flow of documents to be exchanged in real time basically, thus speeding up the “bureaucracy” thing (read the documentation process). Also, KeepSolid Sign is the definition of effective teamwork, making keeping in touch with your partners easier than ever, as you can instantly track the status of documents and save precious time with templates. Here’s a cool video for you:


And here’s the official website:

For more information, here’s the company’s blog:  company’s blog

Have fun.


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