LCG Trader Review

There are thousands of Android finance apps available to download that cover all sorts of different areas. From apps designed to track your spending to those that keep you up to date with the latest finance news or allow you to trade across the financial markets, whatever financial needs you have there will be an app to suit them.

For Android users hoping to enter the world of trading, or for those already familiar with the practice, LCG Trader is one of the best apps around for doing so. Also available for the iPhone, you can begin spread betting or trading CFDs on shares, investing in stocks and much more in minutes.

Trade Over 5000 Instruments

With LCG Trader, more than 5,000 instruments can be traded from the palm of your hand across seven different markets. These include trading forex, shares, indices, spot metals, commodities and more. Such a wide range of options to trade makes it easy to continue your existing trading career or start afresh.

The app can be quickly downloaded from Google Play for Android devices, though LCG Trader also allows traders to invest directly through their browsers. All the functions you’d expect from a desktop trading platform are present, ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything despite the smaller screen size.

Stay Connected

Mobile and tablet trading apps such as LCG Trader allow you to remain constantly connected to the latest market news and developments. Being able to trade in quick reaction to price movements when on the go is essential in helping improve your chances of success.

Your account is connected across any other devices you use LCG Trader with, so you can trade on desktop, mobile and tablet with only one download and account. This makes it simple to trade on any of the many markets and instruments offered whether at home, work or out and about.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can open a demo account with LCG Trader to practise your trading strategy across any of the markets and instruments available. For beginners this is vital to avoid making any costly mistakes when trading forex, stocks and shares, commodities or anything else.

A variety of tutorial videos are also available to watch on the LCG website, which give you a good insight into using the app and account to trade. LCG Trader is an essential app for any Android user hoping to make their millions from trading on any of the popular financial markets.


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