GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review


If you’re looking for a state of the art web hosting service, there are numerous providers out there. But truth be told, not all web hosting providers are created equal. Enter GreenGeeks, an excellent web hosting provider for intermediate and advanced users, which offers free domain privacy, reliable green web hosting, good services and , wait for it: a unique commitment to environmental issues.

Basically, if you’ve joined the “green side” of the force, there’s no better web hosting provider than GreenGeeks. The green thingy refers to the company’s effort to minimize its carbon footprint thus trying to save the planet (and the internet) in the process by using energy efficient hardware in its data centers. Although everything in the world runs with electricity which is mostly obtained from traditional sources, GreenGeeks purchases wind energy credits on a regular basis in order to replenish 3x the amount of electricity used by client websites. How awesome is that folks?

But getting back to the interesting part, because we’re looking for a web hosting provider, not Al Gore’s wet dream, GreenGeeks are focused on providing a large variety of web hosting solutions for its clients, share hosting included.

There are many reasons for which GreenGeeks are among the best web hosting providers in the world, including their commitment to saving the environment. Some of their best features include security options and high performance (as in bandwidth) compared to their direct competitors. GreenGeeks will provide you with unlimited bandwidth and storage, thus allowing your business/website to grow organically online. The service is fantastic and the customers support is incredibly friendly, even if you do stupid stuff like deleting a database. Really.

With GreenGeeks, you’ll benefit from the lowest prices possible without compromising on reliability and performance and for new customers there are always juicy discounts. One of their coolest features I really appreciate is domain privacy ($9.95/year) and free registration for your primary domain for as long as you stay with the company.

The ease of use is another thing to take into account when choosing a web hosting service and here, GreenGeeks are doing a tremendous job. The company uses the cPanel control panel, which is basically the industry standard, with clearly laid out icons and intuitive features, very easy to comprehend and to use even if you’re a newbie. The signup process is simple and clearly laid out: pick your plane, select your domain name, enter your personal info and voila, you’re ready to roll. GreenGeeks also offers the Fantastico script library via one click script-installation  and a choice of website builders.

Another cool thing about these guys is that they’re the only ones I know of in the web-hosting business  to offer their customers free website migration, i.e. they’ll migrate all of the site databases, files and emails within forty eight hours to your new account with GreenGeeks.

As per reliability, GreenGeeks guarantees you 99,9% uptime thanks to their state of the art dual/quad core Xeon servers, configured with RAID-10 storage arrays and top-notch Gigabit connections. Customer support runs around the clock, 24/7, both live chat and email whilst phone support is available  from 9AM – Midnight ET on Monday thru Friday, and 9AM – 8PM Saturday and Sunday.

To make a long story short, just go pay them a visit and you’ll thank me later:


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