Best Antivirus Solution: AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

The internet is a dangerous place folks,  crawling with all sorts of malware and viruses and this is not a joke. And the most scary part is that we’re using our smartphones as our personal life-vault (read ransomware) increasingly more, not to mention Android pay, i.e. our financial security is at risk too together with our private life.

However, there are methods for cruising the internet and paying for stuff with our smartphones in a perfectly safe manner, and here AVG AntiVirus Free for Android comes into play.

AVG is a company with a long history and a strong reputation with regard to developing absolutely free antivirus software for home users. And since the best things in life are free, the AVG AntiVirus Free for Android is a must-have application for every budget conscious “droider” out there.

The free app can be downloaded and installed  from the Google Play Store and considering the fact that it has over 5.6 million downloads to date, not to mention its very respectable 4.5 rating from users, it comes as a no-brainer that this free and light on resources mobile anti-virus solution really has all the ingredients of a “best seller”.

AVG AntiVirus

With the AVG AntiVirus Free for Android you’ll benefit from real time protection for your smartphone/tablet/Chromebook or whatever you’re using, device scanning and, very important, constant updates.

But wait, there’s more: AVG comes with a cool task killer, remote device data wiping/a plethora of anti-theft features, and it will help with monitoring features on your droid, the likes of storage, battery and data usage. The user interface is really good compared to other free anti-virus apps on the market.

Considering that every time you’re getting online you’re just a click away from downloading a rootkit, a keylogger or a trojan, you’ll definitely need a great anti-virus solution for your droid, and AVG AntiVirus Free for Android is the Batman of the anti-virus market.

✔ Defends against malicious apps, viruses, malware and spyware
✔ Identifies unsecured device settings and advises how to fix them
✔ Checks media files for malicious software and security threats
✔ Guards you against phishing attacks

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