Best Casino Android Apps for the Arab Player


Today’s article is intended as a primer for Arab players looking for the best Casino Android Apps on the market. To begin with, we’re living in a day and age when regular casinos are basically dinosaurs, and I am saying that because the old business model seems to be pretty much extinct.

And I am not talking only about casinos. Online-driven businesses are the wave of the future, just think about Amazon and Ebay, Facebook and Twitter, blogging and internet news websites, a lot of virtual venues that rendered the old school/offline business models obsolete.

Enter the Casino Android app, which is the simplest way of bringing all the glamour and excitement of an old school casino at your fingertips.

Considering the huge technological innovations in the field of mobile internet and smartphones, i.e. almost everyone is now affording an Android smartphone and a mobile internet plan, the Casino Android app is now king.

Video games and electronic slot machines revolutionized the casino business in the nineties, but now is the Internet’s turn, right? You can see that coming from miles and miles away.

casino android apps

The idea is that smartphones have become the magic wand of sorts, being used for all types of things, ranging from basic communication to broadcasting news events live, taking pictures, navigating and what not. When it comes to multimedia capabilities and “killing time”, smartphones are the best invention since, I don’t know, cinnamon flavored sliced bread.

But since we’re talking about Casino Android Apps, we must emphasize the huge impact smartphones and mobile internet have had over the gambling industry.

Today, all you need for feeding your gambling urges in real time is a smartphone and a wireless/mobile internet connection.

Given the availability of mobile internet in 2017, playing online casino games or gambling live in the privacy of your own home (or even at your office, but don’t tell anyone, alright?) became almost the norm in the modern world.

Also, Android based smartphones  became the weapon of choice with regard to cruising online casinos.

Obviously, the top online casinos quickly realized the huge potential of online gambling, so they acted accordingly, by creating specially designed casino apps, which are incredibly easy (and lots of fun) to play using virtually any type of smart device: a smartphone, a tablet or even a smartwatch.

Android makes for the best casino apps, with smooth game play and excellent/vivid graphics. Also, mobile casinos running on Android platform are benefiting from the best security and they provide their users with a safe gaming experience anywhere in the world.

Since you’re reading this piece, you probably know already about the Google Play Store. There’s a trick though, as Google doesn’t really like the notion of online gambling and actually doesn’t approve real money online-gambling, hence it can be complicated for you to find a genuine casino app in the Play Store. Yes, you can find virtual casinos and things of that nature, i.e. Casino Android Apps that use virtual money, but that’s boring.

So, what can you do, especially if you’re an Arab player?

Well, a great idea would be to pay a visit to, that’s a good start. Here you will be able to enjoy all the games you can play in a real casino, like slots, roulette or blackjack, bet and win with real money and get big bonuses upon signing up and so on and so forth.



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