Pick Me Up If You Can Android App Review

Pick Me Up If You Can Android App

Pick Me Up If You Can is one of the coolest Android Apps out there, courtesy of dma(the app developer) and this baby is trying to respond in a coherent manner to the eternal questions that drive men everywhere since immemorial times : What do women really want? How to pick up chicks? What do men really know about chicks? (blank page).

Long story short, the app will assist you in your quest for picking up girls, it’s that simple folks. I know what you’re already thinking : yeah, yeah, just another dating advice/tips gizmo, we’ve been there before.

Well, maybe you did or maybe you didn’t, but I think you should give this app a chance to prove his valor (and why not, improve your sex life at some point).

I’m saying that because unlike other “insert a coin for the dullest advice money can buy” applications out there, this one is different.

Since there’s no fixed recipe for conquering the hearts and minds of the “girl tribe” members roaming freely in the wild (well, maybe there is one and it’s called Porsche 911 or something), the Pick Me Up If You Can Android App relies on methods already tested (it’s Chuck Norris approved!) and boasts with a success rate of over 97%. That’s something, don’t you think?

Over 100,000 Casanova wannabes were inquired about their “dating/baiting” methods and the end result was put together nicely and voila : now you can benefit from other people’s dating experiences. Successful people, that is.

Just go on Google Play Store, download and install the app, read the ToS, see if the terms are kosher with you (this is not a free app, you’ll require an iTunes(the horror the horror) account for purchasing it) and let us know if it worked on you.

Pick Me Up If You Can Android App

Good luck!


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