SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy!

This Android app comes with an improbable name and it is delivered by SJ Software, but Hell, this is one of the best things  I put my hands on since sliced bread was invented back in the day. With SJ im (im stands for instant messaging I guess) you’ll be able to encrypt all your online  mobile communications in a blink of an eye, sort of speak.

If you’re buying Mary Jo from Silk Road or you just don’t like the idea that Big Brother is watching your every move, SJ im is the name of the game.

The app comes with state of the art encryption protocols : it supports PGP (maybe the best encryption software there is, aka XEP-0027), OTR (this works in Pidgin), peer to peer (P2P) encryption and it even provides you with a cool feature : you’ll be able to send your files via third party services using ZIP archives protected by a password. In short, this app is as good as it gets, if you are preoccupied about privacy when it comes to online messaging. And if you follow the NSA whistle blowers/scandals/etc, I bet you’d be interested in this encryption software.

To get the SJ im app you’ll have to visit the Google Play Store, to download and install the application and pay a mere $4,95 and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that the same app for IoS costs 10 times more, so you’re in for a real bargain.

The application works with most instant messaging services, ranging from Google Talk to Jabber , ICQ, Yahoo! or AOL, basically everything that uses/supports the XMPP protocol.

If you want to know more about SJ imm, check out this cool video:





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