Most Popular Poker Apps for Android

They say blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, but we think otherwise. Poker is truly the most awesome and most popular card game in the world, which can be attested when looking at the popularity of these apps. Poker on Android has been going on for quite some time. Apps come and go, but the best ones stay forever. So, let’s see what the most popular poker apps are for Android currently.


Zynga Poker

Every year the Zynga Poker app is at the top of the lists for being the most popular and most massively played poker app for Android. It’s the perfect alternative to real-money apps because of the opportunity to play against some really good players. It’s best for practice before venturing in the real world of spending actual money for your bets. Tons of people use the Zynga Poker app for a long time now.



Even though this is a very recent app, it boasts with thousands of active players, UI that puts other apps to shame, and in-game challenges that actually make poker playing fun. The developers have been generous too because each day you can claim 7,000 free coins. Appeak has regular poker games and sit-n-go touranments, and is perfect if you enjoy playing against real people, and don’t mind that it doesn’t hit the pay-to-win nerve.


Governor of Poker 3

This one is actually our favorite, a run-of-the-mill poker app released 2 years ago. It has a ton of play types and features with online games, six different poker games and even a blackjack game. Here the developers have been even more generous because you get free coins every 4 hours. You can also spin a wheel that can bring you some more. You can play this game either via the native app or you can access it directly on Facebook and even Steam.


Live Hold’em Poker Pro

Here we have a very slick app, although one of the more typical. The best in this app are the challenges that you can complete. They will keep things interesting for you while you decide whether to play against the AI or real people. Chip refreshment happens on a daily basis, and entertainment is guaranteed.


Poker Heat

A fun little game perfect for players that like league-based competitions. There are 7 leagues where you can compete against hundreds of players to reach the top. There are other interesting details that make this one of the more popular poker apps for Android out there, but the leagues are possibly its strongest side.


World Series of Poker

Of all the freemium poker apps out there, the WSOP app is probably the best. You can play Omaha styles or Texas Hold’em, online or in variety of events and scenarios. You can also play it on Facebook. Every four hours you get free chips. If you want a little break from all that poker you can hit the slots that you can find inside the game.


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