Quick Review: Twisty Launcher for Android

twisty launcherOne of the great things about owning an Android phone is the ability to use gesture commands. It’s something Samsung users are used to with all of Sammy’s “smart” features, but some users with other handsets have been left out in the cold. If you’re one of twisty.launcher-1those people, Twisty Launcher may be the app for you as it’s a new Android App that allows you to use gestures to launch apps.

Most smartphones have some kind touch-based or gesture controls whether it’s drawing a letter on the screen to pull up an app or flipping your phone over to mute it – that one is a personal favorite of mine. Twisty Launcher does things a little differently as you actually twist your phone to launch apps at any time regardless of what’s going on in the background. Browsing through emails and see something you just have to take a picture of? All you need is a little twist, and you’ll be able to snap photos instantly.

The Twisty Launcher has a layout that’s easy to navigate which makes setting up gestures and twisty.launcher-2commands a breeze. You simply need to enable a gesture, pick an app, and you’re good to go. That said, you’re limited to what you can actually do as only one gesture is available for free. You’ll get the camera chop gesture for free, but the other two gestures along with the ability to actually pick the app they control can only be unlocked via an in-app purchase. It’s nothing new, but a little disappointing considering there’s only 3 gestures currently available.

Twisty Launcher is a great idea, and we’re happy to report it works as advertised. I had no issue pulling off the camera flip so one can assume the other two gestures (Face Down Up & Twist Twice) work in a similar fashion. Keep in mind you’ll only get the camera gesture for free, and the other two can be unlocked via an IAP for $1.00. It’s a good price for some handy function – just make sure you don’t have butterfingers before flipping your phone about like a madman. You can pick up Prometheus Interactive’s Twisty Launcher on Google Play.


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